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Who we are...

My name is Pedro Bibiloni, I'm 58 years old. I was born, growth and still living in Palma, a beautiful city located in an island on the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, called Mallorca. Happily married for a long and father of a boy, that is the best thing ever happened to me.

I don't remember ever having left the passion for aviation, I always wanted to be an airline pilot, but the circumstances of life will not let me to do.

Due that, I guess, I have developed another aspect of aviation, design and manufacture of parts for simulators, especially in these last 18 years. I remember before that, my first design on aviation, was a small airplane who pretended to fly, hahahaha, now seen from the perspective of years, you should believe me, he had not ever flown. I remember having drawn on white wrapping paper, at that time there were no computers, nor dreamed existed, think I'm talking about a few... waoooo, 43 years ago!

That hobby, and my 29 years working in a construction machinery company, through which I worked in all possible positions (from bellboy to C.E.O.), allow me learn a lot about manufacturing techniques, engineering and technical issues, and I've been applying in my designs, plus the experience gained over the developments themselves, in the end that sum, warrants the quality.

I've worked for companies like the Opencockpits, and another one, that for any reason don't want to be named here, but important as well, etc ..., it is also true that I "gifted" many of my designs, but I don't regret it, in life all thinks that happens are good to learn, even if you commits this mistake two times.

I hope not bored you with my story, and I hope to see much around here.

Thank you.