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СНПЧ А7 Пермь, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Why the images are renderings and no real images of the product?
-This is because at this moment the most part of projects are in assembly phase and the images could never be good or correctly reflect the final product, we hope in a few days to change these images by the finished product ones.

Can you produce on demand?
-Of course, no problem, the production time would go on depending on the complexity of the design itself first and after assembly, but always will be about 40 days.

Which building techniques are used?
-The two most used are laser cut and lathe, and also that all materials and parts have an excellent quality.

Is the electronics included at the assemblies?
-In some cases yes, in fact most are included. We use electronic from others, but we are currently working on an own, to be used in all products.

You are going to expand the product catalog?
-Of course, we are actually working on many projects. Anyway, as we said in our presentation at the Home page, we will go slowly, calmly, but do not stop. Whith this purpose we have developed a Blog on the website, to keep you up to date.

Do you give warranty on products?
-Total warranty, we want that quality should be the most important in our designs and products, so within a reasonable environment, is our responsibility and it will be very important that the customer is always satisfied.

Are included the shipping costs?
-No, but simply will be applied the exactly and strictly necessary, unless the customer wants to manage their own transportation, something to which we do not go against.

Can I change my profile data?
-Yes, of course, first you must be a registered user, then, simply go to the User Menu (usually at the bottom of the right side) and click over Edit Profile