Analogic Altimeter/speed Stand-by Gauge for B-737:

This gauge works as real, giving hundreds of altitude with the center needle, thousands in first numbers drum and finally tens of thousands in second drum.

Speed is gave on the horizontal speed drum.

Baro encoder is completely functional, allowing to adjust the barometric setting (needle moves ahead or back) but the windows are not operative

  • More than 130 parts!
    • 45 micro screws.
    • More than 15 gears.
    • Almost 20 laser cut parts.
    • 12 Oiled micro bearings.
    • 11 Shafts.
  • Powered by 2 Nema11 stepper motors.
  • Metallic construction.
  • Encoder to adjust barometric settings.
  • Non operative barometric windows.

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