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B-737 Single Control Column

Single column to use in a single seat simulator, or in a double seat, when you don't want to have a linked system. If it is not necessary, you don’t need to hold to the floor, although is better, the metallic base supports it in the use position by his own weight.

No room under the floor is needed as well, all the system works inside the base.


  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Control wheels built in Shore-80D stiffness black resin (no fiberglass at all, solid construction).
  • Yoke include the Trim Switches, PTT button and AP disconnect button.
  • Centering system for Pitch axis uses gas struts.
  • Spring used in Roll axis
  • +6.9o position of the column can be changed by the user easily.
  • "Joystick" card used for handle the axes and switches, with an easy configuration and installation.
  • USB connection, cable included.
  • Fully wired for
    • Axes control
    • Trim switches.
    • P/T switch.
    • Autopilot disconnect switch
  • Includes a printed User Manual inside the package.


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