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Linked system for Control Columns for the B-737.

Manufactured with metallic materials as steel and aluminum, this warrants that resists the continued use, which is subjected this part of the simulator, together with the rudder pedals and the throttle, being all of them the more used inside the simulator.


  • NEW COLUMS AND ELBOWS with more accurate dimensions, really close to the real ones (only 1mm diffeence)
  • Easily assembling process (the unit come with the columns disassembled)
  • Link transmission built with chain mechanism, hard work allowed.
  • High quality Ball joints on the transmission link.
  • Metallic construction for the frame, lateral sides in 10mm. aluminium (painted in green primer).
  • Laser cutting for all the metallic parts.
  • Smooth movement by bearings on all axes (two inside each elbow, two more for transmission)
  • Low level of tolerances on movements by conical gears.
  • Gas Struts to simulate feel forces in Pitch axis
  • Double spring mechanism in Roll axis, taht gives a special feeling.
  • Link bar built in aluminium tube of 75mm diameter
  • Smooth centering stop (helps to maintain the center, but allows to move smoothly)
  • Control wheels built in Shore-80D stiffness black resin (no fiberglass at all, solid construction).
  • "Joystick" card used for handle the axes and switches, with an easy configuration and installation.
  • Fully wired for:
    • Axes control
    • Trim switches.
    • P/T switch.
    • Autopilot disconnect switch
  • Includes a printed User Manual inside the package.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Chart Holder, shown in some images, are only an option, not inlcuded on the "standard" version


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