New platform ready to go his location at customer home.

A new platform finished and packed, ready to ship. This platform have an optional item on it, the wheels. Equipped with these wheels, could be moved anywhere you need to place the platform.

It have 8 wheels in total, 4 of them are equipped with brake to hold the platform on his posititon.

The platforms goes with all the parts necessary to install it. In about 3 hours you can have it completely assembled and ready to receive all the rest of items, as the Control Columns, Rudder Pedals, J-rails and seats, the Front Panel, etc...

Also it is supplied with suplementary stringer, in case you need some more surface to adapt any other shell.

Made entirely in aluminium, his complete weight is apoximately 90 kgs.


img plataforma embaladaimg plataforma tornillosimg plataforma ruedas





Good morning,

A friend company have offered to Simujabs to distribute his two products.

The images show these products, the Main Panel, complete with CDU bay and the pedestal.
Both are laser cut, powder coated and easily assembling.
The image also shows how the Panel would be once populated with all the devices.

result with-all-assebled devices-are-not-included


img 8231



Good Morning,

Our friend and customer Luis Rios, ask us to add to their DUAL YOKES from Simujabs, the Stall Warning Stick Shakers and trip reminders.

These items are OEM parts from a real plane, we only have refurbished them, removing all the rust (honestly, not too much to remove), sanding and painted. Then, we have wired again, manufactured the new straps to hold the shakers against the columns and finally the shakers are attached to the columns.

About the trip reminders, well, not too much difficult to add them, simply I must add to the opposite side of the trim switches, some more wires to power the light bulbs for these trip reminders, because they are backlighted (5v. is enough to power them).

The Stick Shakers, work in the plane using a 28v. source, but, to use a "standard" power source in the homecockpits, using 24v. is enough to operate them, and enough to feel the stall warning.

I'm happy with the results, and happy to work with OEM parts... what better than "real" parts? :-)

Pedro Bibiloni.




Good morning,

Jean-philippe Lepine sent me two images about his Engine Start Panel assembly using the Simujabs B747 Start Switches.

Really cool assembly..!!

He have used the B747 APU Start Switch as well (not shown because is located in other overhead panel)

I am proud to share his words: "Congratulations. This is a true piece of art. The APU switch is also mounted. Great job !" :-) Simujabs Team


Tomas Molina - AEROSIM

Tomas Molina - AEROSIM

Great pictures of a dream.

Yes, this is the dream of Tomas Molina, a very good friend and customer of Simujabs as well. As you can see on the images, after a hard and long job, he did it, he has built a perfect B737 simulator, to be used by pilots in training.

Our personal contribution, was the manufacture of the linked Dual Yokes, and you can view some images of these yokes, I'm proud of this dual system and a lot of units are sold after this, because this was the first one and Tomas personally gave me the little push to start with my adventure with Simujabs.

A personal little part of me is also behind the Throttle unit, motorized unit built by Angel Amado and me (well, Angel did all the mechanical job, I only had made the design, and wasn't sold by us directly)

So, congratulations Tomas, I know we talk continously in person, but let me say in public to you and to Cristo Santos, your colleague and partner in this dream, YOU HAVE DONE A REALLY GOOD JOB!!.

(See the images and the history in our Facebook page here:

Custom Pedals for B-737

Custom Pedals for B-737

Good night,

A single image of the B737 RUDDER PEDALS LINKED, before to be packed and sent heading to Austria.

The "special" for these pedals is that the measures are customized and adapted to the customer's main panel. They are narrower than the standard ones, so, this means special measures for this customer.

Electronics are linked as well, through one single wire, simply, plug the FO unit to the CP unit and the Differential Brakes from the FO side are detected.

The link bar, as always when you buy two units of pedals, is for free, no cost.

Also, the customer bought from us the B737 DUAL YOKES LINKED, which are already finished and ready to be sent as well.

Simujabs Team

B-737 Single Yoke

B-737 Single Yoke

Finally some images are added to the product page for the finished B737 Single Control Column (yoke).

This product works as a stand-alone Control column, no needed other interfaces. Can work as a Joystick Card or a programmable interface card as well

The script is included to work with IOCPServer or FSUIPC, simply plug, run the exe and play. Or connect it as a Joystick, calibrate and play.

single yoke 2


B737/747 Yokes

Massive production...!!!


Well, this is a small sample of our B737/747 yokes production for our customers.

Obviously these yokes are manufactured for customers who have purchased some type of assembling, dual and single control columns, that uses this piece, but some customers also asked us if we could sell one alone and we have accepted, in fact we have included this item in our products on the page.

The white one is not special, hahahahaha, is simply the unit that was manufactured in order to test the extras on the yokes, trim switches, pushbutton AP, wiring, etc. ...

See you soon...

Simujabs Team

Foto 02-09-13 11 39 35


Rudder pedals delivered

Well, we shipped the first product.

It isn't an item of extreme difficulty, but if it is true that carries many different pieces, and the pieces that we decided to use for this item, should be with the best quality.

pedales 10

For example, we used bearings on all the shafts, to avoid negative tolerances. We have not used plastic, except the gears on the pots, because them not needs an extreme stiffness, so yes, we used Acetal gears, that even being a polymer, is very strong.

pedales 14

The housings are made of carbon steel 1.5mm thick, laser cut and TIG welded.

pedales 13

The pedals are completely metallic, high strength and durability, and shafts are machined on the lathe, for, as we had said avoid negative tolerances.

pedales 12

It has been painted in several layers, which includes the "green zinc chromate" as primer layer, then we used the gray "BOEING", or rather, the RAL that most resembles the BOEING gray, which has a special composition of color and it is not easy to find except at crazy prices, so, as I said, we used this color that is the most used by everyone in this hobby, and finally we have a matt layer of protection, to avoid chipping of the paint, but that, with the use is inevitable, just look at photographs of real airplanes, which shows that the wear is common.

pedales 6

The stainless steel covers are polished to give a shiny look, which gives a finish more "PRO". We used stainless steel screws on these covers, to prevent oxidation and give they a better look.

pedales 15

The transmission cross is also on bearings, non-standard, since the force it's done in vertical, but in this way the smoothness is guaranteed.

pedales 9

And finally, as on all our products, a box was manufactured specifically for this item, to send to the customer, and also has been packed inside, to avoid damage, clearly labeled as fragile, although the item is stiff to use, but in thus the carrier should handle it with care.



Ok, see you on the next entry...

Simujabs Team.

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