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СНПЧ А7 Пермь, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

After more than a decade developing, designing and drawing projects for other people, I think the time has come to go a step ahead, and offer our products to everyone.  Foto 16-12-15 11 46 28

Simujabs, was created with the aim to design and create parts for simulators, that, even thought the great quality of their design, such as materials and manufacturing processes used in them, allowing a price for the end consumer be affordable enough for everyone, at least within a respectable margin for all, both for the customer and SIMUJABS.  

Why the name SIMUJABS? actually the word "simu" is very clear, especially in the context of that page, and JABS, no, not a mistake, JABS are the initials of the name of my son, but by chance, sounds ALMOST like "jobs", a word that in English means "work", as you already know. SIMUJABS therefore, represents precisely this "works for simulators", that is our eagerness.  

We will develop a lot of variety of projects, always in line with the possibilities to develop prototypes, which is a key issue for the projects that will cB737 SHACKER 1ome out of our facilities, with the highest guarantee of performance and quality. 

Many of them are already designed, even tested, but we will go slow but steady. 

Mechanical developments for popular flightdecks, such as the B-737 and A-320, as well as for the not so popular as the CRJ, ATR, Cessna, etc ... 

Avionics and instrumentation developments for those same flightdecks, panels, P&P units, etc. 

Development of "customized" specific parts developed expressly for our customers, you can see examples of that at Gallery section of our web.

This is our dream, but we need you to achieve, of course, and you are or must to be part of it. Thank you for having come this far, it means that I have drawn attention and that means I feel satisfied.

Even if your thought is not to buy, please do not feel out of this project, visit the page with all the calm of the world, for me, and I mean that most sincerely, first is the "friend" before the customer, therefore, even if you have questions and I can help you to solve those, as I have done for many years, I can not turn my back. 

Welcome to SIMUJABS!!

Pedro Bibiloni

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